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Kelly spent all of 2020 in Chuck Schumer’s windowless basement, hiding his shady business dealings with China and far-Left policy positions. Originally from New Jersey, his policies don’t represent Western values. It's time to properly vet Mark Kelly, broadcast his voting record, and let the people of Arizona decide! 

Hassan is running as a moderate but the truth is she has been a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden’s liberal agenda. Hassan has a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood, the League of Conservation Voters, and other Left organizations. Hassan may try to tell Granite Staters she’s fighting for them, but the truth is she’s fighting hardest for herself.

Cortez Masto was hand-picked by former Democrat Leader Harry Reid. She has spent her time in Congress supporting far-left immigration policies instead of listening to hard-working Nevadians. She has supported open borders, amnesty, and giving stimulus checks to illegal immigrants. She’s too liberal for Nevada!

Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock is the Senate's newest member. The Georgia runoff races determined the outcome of the Senate. Warnock is the Democrats’ 50th vote. This is one of the Republicans' best pickup opportunities in 2022. Raphael Warnock is not right for Georgia!

As the Democrat leader, Chuck Schumer has spent two decades in the Senate pushing policies that benefit his mega-donors over the American worker. Schumer is solely focused on his Hollywood and Wall Street donors over the American worker. When it comes to a high dollar campaign donation, Schumer will always embrace a new radical policy like the Green New Deal, open borders, and government-run healthcare.

Radical Raphael Warnock is too liberal for Georgia. During his months in the Senate, he has been a champion of misinformation and spreading false information about Georgia’s voting law. That cost Georgians money and jobs! Now Radical Liberal Raphael Warnock is about to vote for another multi-trillion-dollar reckless tax and spending bill.

- Supports legislation that uses tax dollars to fund abortions.

- Sides with the teachers union and opposes getting kids back into the classroom now.

- Supports radical gun control proposals from the far left. 

- Warnock was one of the first Senators to join the fight to end the filibuster. He cast a 'Yes' vote to help advance the Democrats' radical agenda


- As a Senator from New York, he voted in favor of handing money over to states under investigation for failing to protect nursing home residents. 

- Voted to bail out badly managed states. Not surprisingly this includes liberal states like New York.

 - Supports ending the filibuster rule, even though he has used it nearly 300 times last Congress.

 - Sides with the teachers union and opposes getting kids back into the classroom now.

 - Prioritized on the Senate floor a bill that would undermine our election system, ban voter ID, and force taxpayers to fund campaigns instead of focusing on the economy.

- Maggie Hassan knows her days in the Senate are numbered. She should start focusing on New Hampshire instead of the Pelosi/Schumer $3.5 trillion reckless tax and spending spree.  

- Supported tax-payer-funded stimulus checks for violent criminals. (Criminals like New Hampshire's cop slayer, Michael Addison, and Boston Bomber, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.)

- She is now on the record siding with the radical Dems in ending the filibuster rule, a rule that she supported in 2017.

- Supports H.R. 1 to appease Dem leadership, not her constituents.

- The first in the nation primary state won't be happy with Hassan's vote to make voter ID laws illegal. Hassan will have a difficult time explaining this to voters next year.

- Mark Kelly is notorious for hiding in Chuck Schumer’s basement and not coming out until Chuck needs him to vote. Mark Kelly is not the independent voice he claims to be, but rather a rubber stamp for the radical Left. 

- Voted against legislation that would defund sanctuary cities and enforce federal immigration laws. (He has openly admitted Democrats & Joe Biden have no plan to address Arizona's border crisis.) 

 - Supports tax-payer funded abortions.

 - He has finally answered the question of whether he supports ending the filibuster. Now he is on the record voting to end it. 

- Kelly is still sticking to his 2020 campaign strategy: hiding from voters. Kelly voted to automatically register everyone to vote, even if they are not eligible, like people who have moved or are here illegally.